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Meet Bram Duffee 

Bram Duffee is a full-time paramedic from Houston, Texas with a career spanning over 25 years. His journey into the world of lifesaving began at the young age of 14, when he saved an adult in respiratory arrest by performing rescue breathing and summoning an ambulance in rural Kentucky. At 19, Bram became one of the youngest paramedics in the country, serving in various challenging environments as a manager and field provider ranging from critical care helicopters to both rural and urban 911 units. 

Bram's academic pursuits have further enriched his understanding of the field. He has a Ph.D. in Human Development, MA in Human and Organizational Systems, and MS in Speech Communication. His first master’s thesis delved into the conflict between paramedics and emotionally charged bystanders, exploring the incongruences in their perceptions. His second master’s degree allowed him to apply his expertise to consulting in community development and emergency medical services. His doctoral dissertation investigated paramedic decision-making during moments of extreme stress.  

Bram has written two books on communication and co-authored a groundbreaking work on the use of hypnosis in emergency medicine. His latest book, "Hypnotic Communication in Emergency Medical Settings: For Life-Saving and Therapeutic Outcomes," quickly climbed to Amazon's number one new release in the Emergency Medicine category. 


Bram recently authored a research article in Social Science & Medicine titled “Paramedic perspectives of job stress: Qualitative analysis of high-stress, high-stakes emergency medical situations” and is frequently featured as an author in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. Bram also has an appointment as an Institute for Social Innovation Research Fellow at Fielding Graduate University.  


As an educator, Bram has taught numerous university-level courses in Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, EMS, and more. He currently teaches as an Online Part-time Assistant Professor of Communication at Kennesaw State University. He also hosts the podcast “EMS Research with Professor Bram,” sharing his insights and research. 

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